Wine Karafe

Klean Kanteen

  • $31.99 CAD

Sometimes you want to take your wine with you. But what do you do when getting to your destination means climbing a few thousand vertical feet, a bike ride through busy city streets or a paddle to an uninhabited island?

Whether it's up a ridge to your favorite picnic spot or along a beachside trail, replace that glass bottle with a lightweight, shatterproof Wine Karafe™. When you get there, make a toast knowing that the glass of wine you raise retains its true flavor.

The Wine Karafe™ was designed to hold a standard, 750ml bottle of wine and is made from high quality, 18/8, food-grade stainless steel that's totally free of BPA and other toxins. Because stainless steel itself is safe, we don't need to coat the inside of the bottle with a plastic or epoxy lining, which is one of the main differences between a stainless steel Klean Kanteen® and aluminum bottles.

Food-grade stainless steel is used in the brewing, food and winemaking industries too. It's the material of choice because it doesn't retain or impart flavors. No matter how many times you refill it, no matter what you put into it, your Klean Kanteen® will keep your drinks fresh, crisp and clean tasting. All our caps are BPA-free too, and we offer stainless steel options for Classic bottles as well.

The large mouth makes it easy to fill or pour from, and it's a cinch to clean. Just rinse it with mild soap and water and give it a quick scrub. Your Pinot Gris will never know you were drinking a Zinfandel yesterday. When the weather is warm, we recommend using a Built® insulating tote to keep your wine cool and protect the flavour profile.

Features are:

  • BPA-free & eco-friendly
  • unbreakable for wine transport
  • slim design holds more than a full 750 mL bottle of wine
  • includes stainless steel FLAT cap
  • dishwasher-friendly
  • Specifications:

  • capacity: 800 mL (27 fluid oz.)
  • weight: 226.8 g (8 oz.)
  • size: 26.7 cm (10.5") height w/o cap x 7 cm (2.75") diameter
  • opening diameter: 44 mm (1.75")
  • high-quality, food-grade, #304 stainless steel
  • reusable & 100% recyclable
  • Do not put the Klean Kanteen in the freezer, in the microwave, on the stove...if in doubt, please email us at