White Shell Pearls 10mm

White Shell Pearls 10mm


  • $59.99 CAD

Classic 10mm shell pearls

Shell Pearls are made from South Sea real live oyster shell, not a simulated material. These pearls are 100% perfectly round and have a mother of pearl beaded center.

Shell pearls are not genuine pearls. They are made from the shell of an oyster. The process involves pulverizing the shell and then melting the mix down. High powered sprayers are used to mechanically coat a mother-of-pearl bead.

The lustre, weight and size of this strand is comparable to any South Sea pearl!

Each pearl is hand-knotted to give you an elegant look. It's classic and easy to wear. It is the perfect day to day pearls that every girl needs!

Measures 16" in length and 17" with the clasp.