Watch Winder for 2 Watches in Silver Grey

Official Time

  • $479.99 CAD

Official Time has been making watch winders since 2000 and they are mainly sold in the UK, Germany and in Asia. Their watch winders are known for their precise electrical mechanical technology, reliability and great craftsmanship. By maintaining the movement of your automatic watch 24 hours a day, it prevents external damage or oil thickening in the watches workings after long periods with no movement. Also, it?s the best way to maintain the movement quality and keep perfect time without having to wind and set everytime you wear your watch.

Material: Exclusive Finest Red OAK WOOD
Inner Lining: Highly comfortable PU leather
Finishing: 18 layers of transparent piano lacquer craft applied
Size: H 17cm x D 18cm x W 30cm
Net Weight: 4.00 kg
Function: Designed for all Automatic Mechanical Watch
Color: Silver Grey
Power Supply: Runs on 3 'C' cell batteries or AC-adaptor

* The perfect item for any watch lover or collector.

Hinges are finished in a shiny gold colour