Wall Candy - Dynomite

Wall Candy - Dynomite

Wall Candy Art

  • $67.99 CAD

Each Kit contains: 4 Tyrannosaurus Rex, 2-Stegosaurus, 6-Parachuting Army guys, 4-Trees , 2-Blue Clouds, 2-Yellow Clouds, 62- Stars and 34- Lightening Bolts.

Wall Candy is the most innovative way to decorate nurseries, kids rooms, play rooms, room for teens and adults as well. Create a unique atmosphere, enhance any living space and do so with the ease of a peel and stick application. Peel and place to decorate. Rearrange to redecorate. Remove later without a trace.

Application Notes:

  • Wall Candy adheres to any clean, smooth surface without pretreatment.
  • To rearrange your scene, carefully peel off each element and reposition, then smooth out with your hand. Freshly painted or cleaned walls should be completely dry before applying.
  • With wallpaper, textured and finished wood surfaces, test a sample first for effect.
  • For cleaning, wipe panels with a damp cloth.
  • Keeping the adhesive side free of debris when rearranging, and returning used Wall Candy to the original silicone treated backing for storage, will help extend the long life of the product.
  • Product can be cut with a scissor to suit your decorating needs.
  • It is non-toxic and made in the U.S.A.