Velvet Combed Cotton Socks - Cashmere

Velvet Combed Cotton Socks - Cashmere

Bleu Forêt

  • $15.99 CAD

Velvet Combed Cotton and Lurex Socks in Dark Khaki Cashmere

Discover the elegance of the cashmere pattern and the comfort of these pure cotton socks! As a matter of fact these patterned socks will bring you the softness and finesse of pure cotton as well as 100% cotton softness against the skin due to being made of 97% cotton and the use of Corespun, a lycra thread surrounded by cotton. Trimmed with non-compressing cuffs, these pure cotton patterned socks will also give you a maximum of comfort without compressing your anklees.

Composition : 97% Cotton , 3% Lycra

One Size: 36/40

Imported from France.