Vazu Vase - Enflor Orange

Vazu Vase - Enflor Orange

T.H.+E Design Group

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This flat paper thin plastic vase pops up in 2 seconds into an elegant transparent glossy vase. It is amazingly sturdy and reliable. It acutally looks like an expensive glassware. The most glass-like pop up vase we have seen in the market.

Makes a great hostess gift when filled with cutflowers or just something to have at the house or cottage. Simply store away flat and reduce clutter. It is actually great to have around pets (particularly cats) or kids - no more knocked over broken glass!

The Modo design is versatile and it is simple with depth. The vase is dark yet translucent that makes it extremely glass-like. Fill it up with colourful flowers to make the biggest impact.

The VazuTM is made from a specific composition of polymers layers, mainly Polyethylene and Polyester, where the print is trapped between the layers. Those layers are heat-welded to create the different shapes of the VazuTM. The process and materials give the VazuTM its unique physical properties: Thin but yet very strong, transparent and glossy, absolutely stable that easily holds a bunch of flowers with colorful print that will not scratch or fade.

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