TerraSkin Inkless Greeting Card


  • $6.49 CAD

Terraskin has been used to make a series of eco-alternative greeting cards. They are printed on TerraSkin, paper made from stone.

Each card comes with a reusable transparent envelope, adhesive address label and an adhesive round seal - all you need for mailing. How easy is that? Since the envelope is resealable, you can use it over and over again.

Certified Cradle to Cradle, TerraSkin is paper made from rock! No tree, water, or bleach is used in its production.

Write, draw, note with various found metals (like your house key) or any traditional writing tools. Tools such as keys, pennies, screws, paper clips, can tabs, pen, pencil, and even rock! All can work on this eco chic greeting card. Please note that any metal can be used except for stainless steel.

Available patterns: Orange Tree, Green Leaves, You Rock (Green), You Rock (Orange), Tree with Heart