Sport Cap 2.0

Sport Cap 2.0

Klean Kanteen

  • $5.99 CAD

Ever tried to chug water from a metal bottle with a sport cap? You know, a bottle you can't squeeze? You end up feeling like a Hoover™ and yet you're still thirsty! Goodbye Hoover™. Hello sweet hydration. We went back to the drawing board and spent a year developing a new sport cap that delivers some serious flow, the Sport 2.0.

With 3x the flow of our first sport cap, a quieter valve, and a new and improved spout that's six times stronger than the earlier version of the Sport 2.0., this cap is guaranteed to quench your thirst.

If the old sport cap was a tiny, trickling creek, the new Sport 2.0 is Niagara Falls. It's also designed to last, just like our bottles. Made with BPA-free polypropylene (pp#5), we designed it with one, simple moving part so it won't break or get crud in the works.


  • Reformulated spout is now 6x stronger
  • 3x the flow of other sports caps
  • Quieter valve
  • Quick attachment loop
  • Includes dust/sanitary cap
  • No BPA, phthalates, lead or other toxins
  • Interchangeable with all Klean Kanteen Classic bottle sizes
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Cap is NOT leak proof


  • Weight: 1.5 ounces
  • Size: 2.875" H x 2.5" W
  • Made of BPA-free polypropylene (pp#5)