Scooter/stroller Lights (Set of 2)


  • $14.99 CAD

Scooter lights give parents and child-minders the reassurance that cars, cyclists and runners can see children on scooters.

Clip them on to the frame of your child's scooter. Also easily attachable to rucksacks, bags,pram or buggy.

Proviz Scooter lights are designed to help children who are out on their scooter be more visible. Whether this is on the way to/from school or at the weekend it doesn't matter. When switched on, they emit an eye-catching, attention-grabbing light to alert road users to your child's presence. These small, flexible LED lights have been designed to clip on to the frames of the majority of scooters to ensure maximum visibility.

Simple to use and easily attached and removed.

Come in packs of two (both with white LED lights)

Available in White.