RuMeID Key Tag - Crosby


  • $11.99 CAD

When you lose your keys, you’re losing access. Car. House. Business. The RuMeID Key Tag gives your keychain, and life, a chance to get back on track. Each Key Tag is equipped with a unique URL address to help the finder reach you via our anonymous third-party contact system. So while you’re locked out, your personal information is too. Sorry locksmiths, we got this one covered.

Here’s how it works:

1. Register your RuMeID Key Tag by logging onto its unique URL printed on the back. Registration takes only a few seconds, and any additional information can be easily updated later.

2. Attach the Key Tag to your keychain. Feel free to let out a little sigh.

3. When found, your Key Tag’s URL can be entered and your selected contact information will be retrieved from our website. Our anonymous, third-party contact platform allows the finder to reach you without disclosure of your personal information.