Polo Stays (8 pairs)

Polo Stays (8 pairs)


  • $54.99 CAD

Collars Curling? No more embarrassing meetings on the golf course or wherever else you find yourself sporting a polo shirt. Polo Stays™ are the only solution to this daily problem. Just peel Polo Stays™ off their liner and stick them to the underside of your collar... It’s your permanent solution to Collar Curl!

Polo Stays™ also würk on shirts without collar stay pockets! The Power Buttons™ to turn your collared shirts into hidden-button-down collars... Just like Power Stays™.

Polo Stays™ must be heat activated with an iron, to set the adhesive. Polo Stays™ adhere themselves to your shirts' fabric and have been tested through over 60+ wash-and-dry cycles...without coming off!!!! What happens after 60 wash-and-dry cycles? Polo Stays™ may lift from the fabric along an edge. All you need to do is reapply heat, to reset the adhesive.

Please read all instructions on the package before using.

Not suggested to use on Silks and/or Delicate Fabrics. You'll never get "teed-off" at your collars ever again!

What you get:

- (Sixteen) Bright-Finished Polo Stays™ ( use the magnetics that comes with your collar stays or buy extras from the drop down)

- Würkin Stiffs® trademark Clear Packaging.