Organic Sneaker sock set  (Mummy and Child set)

Organic Sneaker sock set (Mummy and Child set)


  • $46.99 CAD

PTPA Award Winner!!!

Organic Cotton MumMe Sneakers sock (Mummy and Child set) in black, red and light blue

Soft and comfortable, these socks are ideal for lounging or playing in all day!

Each box set contains 3 Mummy socks + 3 matching child socks.

Size: Child Sneaker fit for12-24 months and Mummy socks fit approx ladies shoe size 6-11.

Sporty and bright, these socks will surely complete your look!


  • ALL our socks are made with ORGANIC COTTON. We believe in making our socks pesticide free to be safe for you and your little one. We are also committed to organic cotton to support a greener and healthier planet.
  • PVC free. Our anti-slip is made with silicone (which is safe) and not PVC like some other socks. Silicone grip also provides much better anti-slip than PVC.
  • Made with 32s yarn (not 21s, like many others) to be thicker and softer.
  • Made with the toe linking/seam resting above the toes, for superior comfort for little toes. (Toe linking/seams that are placed at the tips of the toes can be uncomfortable, especially for baby toes)
  • Made slightly longer than standard ankle length (and elasticized at top), so socks stay up and don't slip off active babies and toddlers.