Natural Wool Eco-Ring Dog Toy

Le Sharma Trading

  • $13.99 CAD

Eco-Ring are so simple, yet so fun! They are one of the best sellers! Toss it, roll it, flip it or play tug of war... dogs love them!! The open rings make it easy for any size dog to catch and carry them. There are no seams, no stitching and no stuffing to be pulled out! Eco-Ring is perfect for indoor play.

Every dog toy is a uniquely handcrafted piece of art made by their talented artisans in Nepal. Many of these women are widows and the sole provider for their families. By using their talent in making our beautiful toys, these ladies are able to earn a living, raise and educate their children and take care of any health needs they may have.

Each piece is individually handmade with 100% all natural wool and dyed with only natural dyes.. Therefore, each product you receive will truly be a one-of-a-kind piece of art!

Size: 5"-6" diameter

Note: The Size, Shape and Weight may vary in every product due to its handmade nature.