Microfiber Scrubby Cloth

Full Circle

  • $4.99 CAD

The Edge is a soft cloth and tough scrubber all in one. The microfiber cloth is soft and absorbent to clean up quick spills and messes. With a flick of your wrist, the cloth turns into a tough scrubber that has a pocket to protect your hand and make scrubbing easier than ever. The angled shape makes it easy to clean those hard to reach places, like microwave corners, refrigerator crevices, and kitchen edges.

Materials: Microfiber, abrasive from 80% recycled water bottles

  • Hand-sized pocket to make scrubbing easier and to keep hands dry
  • Soft absorbent Microfiber material for wiping and cleaning
  • Angled scrub is tough and fits into hard to reach crevices and corner