IsABelt Strapdowns


  • $11.99 CAD

Eliminate “Pant Bunch”. No more tucking or rolling pant hems into your boots.

“Strapdowns”, another great fashion “fix-it” from the makers of isABelt, anchors your pants in place while putting on your boots.

Pull on those pants and boots but not without Strapdowns. This season, with all the different style pants and boots, the last thing you need to worry about are your pants staying put or worse yet, peeking out of your cute stylish booties. Strapdowns are adjustable clear bands that anchor your pants in place while putting on your boots. Strapdowns keep the pant leg secure and eliminate “pant bunch”.

The makers of isABelt have come up with another “clear and virtually invisible” fashion “fix-it” must have. Strapdowns are so easy to use. All you do is adjust the Strapdowns to the desired tightness, wrap the strap around the bottom of the pant leg and close clasp to secure in place. Repeat this step on other pant leg and pull on boots.

One size.

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