Hanky Panky Original Rise Thong - Red

Hanky Panky Original Rise Thong - Red

Hanky Panky

  • $25.99 CAD

Hanky Panky Original Thong (style 4811). Red is classic and not just for Valentines day or Christmas. In fact, for Chinese feng shui, red is an auspicous colour. So red is well sought after for those that want to feel lucky, auspicous, wild, festive and sexy at the same time.

This is Hanky Panky's most popular style. Known to be the most comfortable thong with its flat curved waistband, super soft fabric and superb fit.

As seen in magazines such as The New Yorker, InStyle, People, Bazzar, Lucky, News Week, Wall Street Journal, Savvymom.ca. Hanky Panky is all the rage among celebrities, fashion designers, models and pretty much anyone who has tried them.

Hanky Pankys are worn by Cindy Crawford, Julianne Moore, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson, Heidi Klum, Madonna , Kate Hudson, Angie Harmon, Kelly Ripa, etc.

"Hanky Panky thong revolutionized the thong market" described by the fashion editor of Lucky magazine. This comfy and sexy thong comes in an array of colours to match your mood.

One size fits all: 4 - 14.

Made in USA

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