Fishnet Kneehighs - Black (S)

Fishnet Kneehighs - Black (S)

Bleu Forêt

  • $17.99 CAD

Bleu Forêt Fishnet Kneehighs in Black.

Fishnets are fashionable but we always found them uncomfortable to walk in. Bleu Forêt has found the solution - resembles the fishnet but in a comfortable cotton sock.

Using state of the art technology, this multi-ply fine yarn is spun to create a feminine, refined and sophisticated kneehigh that will suit any shoe style. They are perfectly matched with your favourite pant suit and very suitable for work.

72% Mercerised Cotton, 28% Polyamide.

Available in size 36/38, approximate shoe size 6-7.5 (S)

If you find the 7.5-9 has room in the toe, then get his size, it will fit nicer in dress shoes.

Imported from France.

The picture shows the larger size for illustration purposes only.