Fine Stripes Pattern, Mid-Calf in Navy

Fine Stripes Pattern, Mid-Calf in Navy

Bleu Forêt

  • $16.99 CAD

Bleu Foret fine stripes pattern, mid calf socks in Navy.

The quality of this fine multi-ply mercerised cotton yarn provides the perfect fit and comfort. The pattern is versatile enough for business or casual attires. Reinforced toe and heel.

  • 95% mercerized cotton, 3% nylon & 2% Lycra.
  • Size 5-8.5.

    As described in the Globe and Mail January 2006 - Socks are neckties for the feet, it is one way that men can express themselves - if they can find them in any other colour or pattern than plain black (in Canada). It is difficult to find any quality socks under $40. That is why we carry Bleu Foret - for its price point and quality - Great Value!

    Bleu Foret is known for their pure materials, technical innovation, style and the great care given to the making of each pair of socks. The material is pure merino wool, silk, cashmere, mercerised cotton & combed cotton. They are the best kept secret among professional men.

    Made in France.