Feeling Sugar Dispenser - Transparent Red

Feeling Sugar Dispenser - Transparent Red


  • $8.99 CAD
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This sugar dispenser designed by Angeletti Ruzza is quite the conversation piece.

The dispenser's unique design allows you to see the sugar flow within the dispenser. Beautifully designed with the cutting edge of sugar dispensing techonolgy, only 1 tsp full of sugar is dispensed at a time. So if you have a sweet tooth, just add more by tilting the sugar dispenser.

The shape is a piece of art and is perfect to be left on the counter or dinning room table.

We love it because it is a controlled way to add sugar to our tea/coffee + great for kids who tends to "pour" sugar onto their food.

PS Expresso lovers love this gadget.

Dimensions: 8.6 D x 11cm H, 200cc