Eco-friendly Dog Toy- Zisc Glow

West Paw Design

  • $13.99 CAD

Westpaw makes one of the best dog frisbees - this one glows in the dark, durable for play fetch with your dog and it floats - what else can you ask for?

The patented Zogoflex material is resistence against excessive wear and tear. The Zisc Glow dog toy is designed for interactive and supervised play. During the winter months, dusk comes early so the glow in the dark frisbee comes in handy in the park.

Made in the USA, 100% recyclable, non-toxic and even dishwasher safe.

Zisc Glow is available in two sizes, large and mini. The mini size is a perfect dog Frisbee for small dog breeds and those dog people who prefer a compact, go-anywhere dog frisbee. Perfect for smaller mouths, Mini Zisc is smaller, thinner and lighter. Also available in more bright (non-glowing) colors for easy spotting during the day in water, grass or snow.

  • Glow in the dark durable dog frisbee provides long-lasting fun without the sun!
  • Place NEW! Zisc® Glow dog frisbee under a light for only 5 minutes and have some fun from dusk till dawn.
  • FDA compliant, BPA and Phthalate-free, Zisc Glow floats, is tougher than a plastic frisbee and gentle on dogs' mouths.

Size: Large measures 8.5" in diameter; Mini measures 6.5" in diameter.

Made in the USA.