C is for Clean - Lime & Ginger

C is for Clean - Lime & Ginger


  • $15.99 CAD

Developed by Canadian chef Maggie Mckeown, C is for Clean is the best all-purpose all natural cleaner you are ever going to use! C is for Clean harnesses the cleaning power of vinegar combined with incredible scents from essential oils.

Every bottle comes with a trigger spray. Simply shake it, spray it, and wipe it.

C is for Clean is a natural formula that is kid, pet and eco friendly. You can use this cleaner on stainless steel, hardwood floors, mirrors, glass, granite countertops, microwaves, in the car.

However, the main cleaning agent in C is for Clean is vinegar which shouldn’t be used on porous surfaces. Avoid using C is for Clean on MARBLE, unsealed stone and computer/tv surfaces. Test a small patch of the surface you intend to clean prior to using the cleaner.

Lime & Ginger - Bold,exotic scent combining irresistible fresh lime scent with a spicy hint of ginger. This zingy scent puts a pep in your step! This is Chef Maggie’s newest creation and one of our most popular!

Available in 1 Liter ($15.99)