Bugalug Barrettes (Pair) - Berry Delight

Bugalug Barrettes (Pair) - Berry Delight


  • $3.99 CAD
  • Save $4.00 CAD

Bugalug barrettes are 100% magnet free and there is a silicon gel GRIP to the inside of EVERY barrette. This unique grippy strip is the first of its kind. The clips are great for any hair type and any age, from baby to adult, but they are especially great for fine hair. Bugalug barrettes are glueless too - so the clips can withstand the wash and dryer and never look bumpy or clumpy from glue.

Tested by Jacqui and her daughter (who loses all her hairclips at school) - it works for fine toddler hair to the thick Asian hair!

Made and designed in Canada.

Select your designs from the drop down menu. Each package comes with a pair of the same design - works out to be $4 per clip.