Bilbo Decanter Cleaning Beads


  • $19.99 CAD

Bilbo decanter cleaning beads by Peugeot is the perfect tool to clean your wine decanter! Those narrow necks on most wine decanters makes for proper cleaning quite challenging and sometimes impossible.

Bilbo is a flask that holds stainless steel decanter cleaning beads. Once you have filled the base of the decanter with hot water, gently pour in the contents of the flask and swirl until the residue and stains have been scoured off. Then pour the beads back in the black funnel and let them dry out. The beads remove any lime-scale and tannin deposits from the decanter walls. Do not use detergent when cleaning a decanter, as it may leave soap traces that could affect the flavour and aroma of your decanted wine.

The flask acts as a funnel and strainer, catching the stainless steel beads and letting the cleaning water drain out. Once water is finished draining, screw the base back onto the flask, turn flask upright, remove the flask cap and run hot water through the beads. The slits and holes are engineered to allow water to rinse over the beads and pass through the flask; also providing ventilation for the beads to dry.

Notes: To avoid thermal shock, make sure the decanter is warm before adding the hot water.

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