Bespoke Paint Bag - Madi


  • $234.99 CAD

The Brave Brown Bag Bespoke 'Paint Bag' -Madi

Each carryall is formed by hand in cotton treated with special oil and wax glaze. The top and base are reinforced with a tenacious mylar/kevlar tape. Voila! The Brave Brown Bag looks and folds like its classic paper ancestor, but has remarkable strength!

About Brave Brown Bag:

In 1996, Canadian designer Charlotte McKeough reinvented the paper shopping bag, naming it "The Brave Brown Bag". It may have caught your eye in highly regarded design and fashion stores in London, Milan, New York, Paris, and Tokyo... and you may have been charmed into thinking it was paper (sometimes it even looks like leather). Such is the allure of The Brave Brown Bag design. True to the aesthetic of its classic paper ancestor and virtually indefatigable right down to its pinked edge, The Brave Brown Bag is now a classic itself.

Dimensions: 9.5"High x 13"Wide x 5.5"Deep. Handle 22"/11" drop for over the shoulder carrying.

Features: inside pocket, wood toggle on waxed cord; folds flat for travel;

Care: use our Bragwax or neutral colour silicone sponge or send to the BBB spa.

Weight: 1 lb. Capacity: 15 lbs

Made in Canada.