Secrid Miniwallet - Metallic Rose


  • $109.99 CAD

Red Dot Award Winner - RFID blocking wallet that protects your card information from being stolen remotely.

The contents of wallets have changed revolutionary. Coins and papers are replaced by high tech cards with wireless computer chips. Not only the ease of use has been improved, also the risks have increased. That's why secrid introduced this wallet; to protect your money and privacy in a very convenient way.

Inside these Secrid wallets, cards will no longer bend or break, and most importantly, RFID cards (Radio Frequency Identification). RFID cards are equipped with a computer chip and antenna for wireless communication. In a normal wallet, every RFID card can be activated or copied from a distance of up to 30 meters without you noticing. The Secrid cardprotector prevents this possibility. This has been tested and confirmed by TNO in the Netherlands. Secrid offers the perfect firewall for your wallet!

Besides holding a maximum of 6 flat cards (such as a driver's licence) or 4 credit cards (which are embossed) inside the cardprotector, this miniwallet has space for some cash, receipts, business card and a few extra cards

Each wallet comes in a gift box.

Designed and made in Holland.