Silicone Baking Mat 60x40 cm


  • $39.99 CAD

It is a fibreglass mat covered by liquid platinum silicone, ideal to use in the oven and as a work surface. In the oven, the mat is placed on the baking sheet under the products to be baked. The structure of the mat (silicone+fibreglass) allows for optimum distribution of heat and uniform cooking in a shorter time. Protects the baking sheet or oven tray, preventing foods from sticking and making cleaning easier.

If it´s use as a work surface, it´s ideal for kneading because its non-stick properties reduce the need to use flour or oils. May also be stored in the freezer, withstands temperatures between -60ºC and +220ºC.

Measurement: 40cm W x 60cm Long