Collar Power Stay (Set of 3)

Collar Power Stay (Set of 3)


  • $41.99 CAD

Power Stays (3 pairs) - Magnetic collar stays. 

As seen on the Big Idea Donny Deutsche Show, Men's Vogue, GQ, Men's Journal, Metro, DNR, Krave, the "A" Morning Show, etc. The concept is so simple that it is stupid!

Place the Power Stays into your shirt's collar stay pockets and place the super-strong magnetic button on the inside of the shirt - it works, your collar is in place (no more disco collars).

Assorted Sizes: 2, 2.5 and 2.75 inch

This makes a great gift for someone or self-gifting if you want to look good. The best accessory we have seen for men in a long long time. We consider this to be an essential for all men!

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