Emergency Stain Rescue Towelette

Emergency Stain Rescue

  • $4.99 CAD

As seen in TODAY TV Show, Cool Hunting, GQ Magazine, Chicago Tribune and House Beautiful Magazine.

Stains Suck! This professional grade formula works miracles on the general household stains that damage clothing, carpets and furniture.

Emergency Stain Rescue is a rapid reaction stain remover made for where life & stains actually happen.

It quickly and safely removes food stains like berries, pomegranites, watermelon, tomatoes, red wine, coffee & tea, mustard & ketchup, BBQ sauce, salsa, chocolate, smoothies, and ice-cream from clothes and fabrics.

Helpful tips:

The ESR formula can be used on washable fabrics. If in doubt test! For dried stains (like wine) dab with water to prepare for treatment. For water adverse fabrics (e.g. silk) use a paper towel to apply the formula. Can't launder? (e.g. carpet/upholstery) ensure you thoroghly rinse residue.

No Peroxide | No Chlorine | No Phosphate
ph Neutral | 100% Biodegradable Surfactant
Safe for colorfast washable fabrics | Made in USA

5 Packs of Individual Wipes