Smartsco CoffeeSmarts

Smartsco CoffeeSmarts


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CoffeeSmarts is filled with answers for coffee lovers - from those who just crave their morning cup to expert baristas.

This stylish box of question and answer cards reveals the history and mystery behind one of the world's most popular beverages, as well as great coffee trivia. Sit down with a steaming cup of coffee, pick a card, and discover: What's the highest quality coffee bean? What's French roast? How can you make Cowboy coffee? And what's in Spanish coffee?

Each separately sold volume contains:

60 CoffeeSmarts question and answer cards. True-false and multiple choice question and answer cards packed with information on the history and culture of coffee.

A 16 page guide. This small guide is filled with useful information on where coffee comes from, descriptions of various types of coffee, famous coffee travel destinations, suggestions on how to host a coffee "cupping", tips to make the perfect cup, and a brief history of coffee.

CoffeeSmarts Question Categories

  • Indulging - Coffee concoctions
  • Bean Basics - From bean to cup
  • Wild Card - Hot coffee facts
  • Coffee Culture - Coffee history and customs