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Carry All/Carry Bag in Multi Dots

This award winning basket is collapsable and perfect for the home and going out. Let's not forget to mention that it's attractive too. The nylon is weather resistant and easy to clean. Mt is urban, sleek and modern.

The Reisenthel Carry All was also featured in the Wish Magazine 2006 as a storage solution for all your fabulous mags and Chocolat magazine 2007 as a storage solution fo household cleaning products.

What do you use it for? This is what our customers say: 
"I leave one in the car as there are always little things I need to bring into the house." 
"I put one by the front hall to bring our mail and magazines in to sort." 
"It is the perfect chic companion to the grocery store." 
"It is a picnic basket for us." 
"We use this a lot at the cottage and on the boat - it is sturdy and stores alot." 
"We keep baby toys in it." 
"I keep the kid's water wings, rubber duckies, goggles...in essence it is our beach bag for the pool."


48 cm x 27.5 cm x 28 cm. Maximum capacity: 30 kg
18.9" x 10.8" x 11". Maximum capacity: 66 lbs.


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  • Cathy Orlando Rating: 5 out of 5 Jun 03, 2012
    Prob my fave bag of all, and prob the one in our home that gets the most use! We cart swimsuits, sunscreen, hats, change of clothes etc to the splash pad in the summer, use it for picnics, and in the winter it gets carted around with spare hats, mitts, scarves, you name it! It's very handy to set on the floor of the car, front passenger side as a mom for easy access to sippy cups, special blankies etc. that are demanded on longer trips to Grandma's. I've had mine for a few years now in black with coloured dots and it's held up very well, no signs of wear at all. Love it and totally recommend.