My Cup of Milky Oolong Tea

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Signature Collection - My Cup of Milky Oolong Tea

Quantity: 100g Hand picked loose leaf tea which make 40 cups

Milky Oolong is also known as Jin Xuan Oolong tea in Taiwan. It is famous for its smooth and creamy flavour.

As a specialty tea that is fermented to its optimal level, it is ideal for multiple infusions with a long-lasting orchid aftertaste.

Temperature for infusion: 95 Celsius Degrees

Caffeine Level: 3/5

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  • Angeline Rating: 5 out of 5 Jul 13, 2014
    Love this product... Packaging is chic and beautiful. As a tea lover, quality of this is top notch. Very fragrant and smooth... not bitter at all. High recommend this as a hostess gift or gift for a tea lover.