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RuMe Origina
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As seen in Marie Claire, Star magazine, Fitness Magazine, CNBC, Forbes.com, "A" Morning show and the Today show as the Hollywood gift pick. RuMe Bags are used by celebrities like Nicole Ritchie, Joel Madden, Jennie Garth, Jessica Alba, Taylor Lautner...etc

In search for an affordable, functional & stylish reusable bag, we were thrilled to have found RuMe bags. These designer bags are lightweight and durable - the ultimate reusable bag.

Well designed, the handles fit real people and?can accommodate if you are wearing a big sweater! The bags fold up flat and small (size of a cup of coffee) to fit into any glove compartment or handbag.

"A better bag made in a better way" highlights:

  • individual bag size 39.37 cm x 39.12 cm x 10.16 cm/15.5" x 15.4" x 4"
  • handles are 29.21 cm/11.5" long
  • each bag can hold more than 22.68 kg/50 lbs
  • water resistant/machine washable
  • double stitched seams
  • square sides and bottom

    Designed in USA and made in Fair Trade Factories in South Korea.

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    • Heather Sadoway Rating: 5 out of 5 Jun 17, 2012
      I ordered a medium sized bag in a nice print for myself to use for toting my motorcycle helmet, gloves, etc. when we take a coffee/lunch break or while staying overnight at a motel. When my husband saw how simple and convenient this idea was, he wanted one too - except not a 'pretty' one. I emailed Rowena on a Tuesday to see if she could help me get ' a plain masculine black' one quickly and the item arrived in the mail on Thursday - a day to spare !!! LOVE the product, LOVE the customer service and I HAVE A HAPPY HUBBY.
    • Janet Craig Rating: 5 out of 5 Oct 17, 2010
      I am a big fan of these bags. I use them for shopping, for storage, for carrying aroud stuff for my puppy. My husband is also now a convert for shopping bags. He was a hold out for a while but has now realized how much better these bags were than the "grocery store reusable" bags he had been using.