Fishnet Two Bottle Wine Tote

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Curiosity got the best of you? We thought so. That's why we're giving you a peek. The Fishnet Wine Tote is the sexy younger sister of our Original Bottle Tote and she's tired of being under wraps all the time. Day or night she's ready to strut her stuff, with one or two bottles of bubbly along for the ride. And don't dismiss the Fishnet as trendy. She doesn't follow trends, she sets them. The Fishnet is making its debut, and this is one coming out party you don't want to miss.

* Made from neoprene, the wetsuit material
* Insulates to keep wine at preferred temperature
* Protects bottles from breaking
* Stretches to fit most bottle shapes
* Pull the sides down and serve right from the bag
* W 7" x H 15.5" x D 2" (W 17.8cm x H 39.4cm x D 5.1cm)
* US and International Patents and Registration Pending

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  • Jacqui Rating: 5 out of 5 May 17, 2015
    This is great as a tote for going back and forth the LCBO. However, we always pack one in our suitcase. It is light and packs flat, and just in case you want to pick up 1-2 bottles of wine when you are traveling, the neoprene protects the wine in your suitcase.