Cashmere Scarf with Suede Fringes - Black

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Cashmere scarf in black with black suede fringes details

 Love the black on black detail on this scarf. The suede fringes add a cool edgy vibe to a traditional black cashmere scarf. The scarf is large enough to be a wrap and light weight enough to on into your tote.

Its versatility makes it the perfect scarf. It is the perfect accessory to wear from day to night. .

Measurement: 80" x 28"

This soft and high quality cashmere scarf is woven in Nepal.

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  • Gail Rating: 4 out of 5 Jun 01, 2017
    Because this had a suede leather fringe, I thought the shawl would be a little more solid or thicker than it actually is. However, it's an open weave suitable for summer and suede fringe is very soft. So if you are looking for lighter summer shawl, this is nice.