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The Thumb Thing - helping us read with one hand.

Featured in Real Simple magazine, Reader's Digest, Lou Lou Best Buy list and www.savvymom.ca (yup Savvy Mom approved), this small gadget will make your life easier.

It makes reading books more comfortable especially when you are sitting on the patio of Starbucks sipping your latte with your dog... you get the drift.

Also great for nursing mothers, commuters, business travellers, wine lovers who like to sip wine and read, on the dock or boat. Get the small size for kids as it is less strain on their little thumbs. 

Pair it with your favourite book and it makes a thoughtful gift!

Suggested sizes: Small - for kids and petites (ladies with glove sizes 6 and under); Medium - fits most women (the most popular size); Large - fits most men .

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  • julie m. Rating: 4 out of 5 Jan 08, 2013
    So practical for reading on the beach when your other hand is busy holding your margarita! And it won't overload your luggage! Great gift idea too!
  • Jane Rating: 5 out of 5 May 31, 2010
    These are a great idea!! After I ordered a couple as stocking stuffers, I ordered more to give out to friends who are going on trips.