With multiple charging cords, appliances, PVR's and TV's, our homes (especially the countertops) are cluttered and messy due to unorganized power cords. Things become especially chaotic when, in an effort to save electricity, you are unplugging appliances and devices when not in use or if you are sharing one outlet with multiple items.

The Plug Out Plug Organizer helps bring some order to the chaos. Simply stick the silicone piece to the wall underneath the outlet and voila, instant organization. Able to hold up to three cords, the Plug Out will help you save time and money while cutting down on your frustration.

Interested in being even more organized? We suggest labelling each cord with the appliance name so you know exactly which one to reach for.

The Plug Out Plug Organizer is available for $11.99 for a set of two at goneshopping.ca.