Listen up Stimulistas. No matter how exhausted you are, you MUST remove your makeup before falling into bed. Your skin needs to breathe and you need to clean the oil and pigment from your pores to prevent acne issues. We know, we know…it's just seems like to much some nights which is why facial cleanser cloths are so amazing.

We like the Kaia Bamboo Cloths; they contain gentle ingredients to cleanse and remove dirt and makeup without stinging or burning. No rinsing required! Each cloth is made from 100% natural, biodegradable bamboo (great for the environment) and contains no alcohol, fragrance, parabens or sulfates. Each package contains 30 cloths so you'll have a month's supply and you can use both sides of the cloth - one side for eye makeup and lipstick and the other side for your facial makeup. 

As is the case with most items that are good for the environment and a more healthy option for our bodies, Kaia Bamboo Facial Cleanser Clothsare more pricey than the brands available at the drug stores. You can buy Kaia at Canadian online retailer for $20.99 per package.