Go granola glam with RuMe bags

I have come up with a term for myself. I am granola glam. (If it’s already taken and you coined the term first, then apologies…and can we be friends?) I am all about doing my bit for the environment…while wearing fantastic lipstick & amazing shoes.

I avoid plastic bags like the plague yet was still carrying around my necessary everyday snack, almonds, in a plastic baggie – and it was getting pretty beat up.   I also had a million lipglosses floating (literally – 2 broke – disgusting) around the bottom of my bag.  One day the almonds and goo met. It wasn’t pretty and my purse is still recovering. Solution needed. But what?

Happily I stumbled upon RuMe Bags.  Available in Canada through Gone Shopping, there are many options for the granola glam girl including the RuMe Snack Pack - environmentally friendly and reusable – simply wash in the top rack of a dishwasher. Also adoring the RuMe Pocket – can’t decide if it will hold food, lipgloss or act as a mini clutch on the weekend..

There are tons of great bag options online – whether to tuck in a purse or keep in the car. One of the coolest finds I believe is the RuMe Cuff - a reusable coffee cuff you can put your house key & coffee money in. A little bit of granola glam brilliance I say…

Yours on the curve,