Our Pick of the Week

July 03, 2011

Berryplus Laundry Soap

Lugging jugs of detergent alongside the piles of clothing we amass (it’s amazing how many shirts kids go through in a week, never mind the pants) can be a pain in the back. That’s one of the reasons we’re loving Berryplus, a berry-based laundry soap that’s so effective you only need half a teaspoon per load. Each pre-measured, 2 ml ‘microdose’ cleans up to 30 pounds of laundry, has a built-in natural vegetable glycerine laundry softener—and is both eco and septic tank friendly. Available in packs of 2, 10 or 20 loads, these mini-vials are a major treat for moms. Now, if only we could shrink the laundry piles to the same size… ($5.99 for 10 loads, available at goneshopping.ca)