A beautifully set table usually starts with a fabulous table covering or placemat and is finished off with some type of floral arrangement. Native to Mexico and Central America, Dahlias are an incredibly popular flower here on the Westcoast. With over 36 varieties in all colours of the rainbow, the Dahlia is a great choice for setting your summer table. Similarly,  Wikipedia states that the Aztecs gathered and cultivated the Dhalia for food, ceremonies and decorative purposes. Sounds fairly similar to our modern day uses for the plant, well, except for the food part!

The Dahlia is captivating because of the layers of of spiky or pointed petals and that's why we love the shape and design of this Dahlia Placement. Created by Sandy Chilewich, co-owner of Chilweich Sultan LLC and one of the co-founders of the mega brand HUE (yes, the legwear company), the Dahlia Placement has a lace-like pattern that is stunning. Made of pressed vinyl, it is a great substitute for a traditional charger and will transform your table into a work of art.

The Dahlia Placement is available online at goneshopping.ca for $8.45.