Fabric softeners and dryer sheets typically carry labels like ‘Outdoor Fresh,’‘Clean Breeze’ and ‘Mountain Spring’, promising a natural sort of clean.  But research shows they’re in fact chock-full of potentially harmful toxic chemicals.

So we’re ready to hang them out to dry for good in favour of two new eco-friendly alternatives.

  1. The Static Eliminator : We love this reusable cloth dryer sheet featuring a unique weave that “conducts” the static out of the laundry. It eliminates wrinkles and dryer lint, lasts for up to 500 loads, and leaves our clothes feeling soft and fresh.
  2. Baalls: These new, innovative wool wonders – already creating an eco buzz  – not only reduce static cling, beat wrinkles and soften clothes; they reduce drying time by 40%. They come unscented, but can be infused with a favourite essential oil.

Talk about clean laundry!

Baalls, $29.99 for 4.
Available at www.goneshopping.ca.