But at the same time, my kids are also quite familiar with the word "chemical" and there's no way you'll catch me using some Triclosan- and alcohol-laden toxic cocktail to (supposedly) clean their little hands.

Which is why I'm thrilled to have discovered Quash, an alcohol-free hand cleaner that derives all of its goodness from natural ingredients like manuka honey and aloe vera. How cool is that? It comes in two sizes of spray bottle, but I find the little one to be extremely convenient for tucking into a school snack bag or taking to the park.

My kids and I all love the beautiful smell of the spray. (Which, by the way, doesn't linger like some icky artificial scents do.) And I love the fact that it doesn't dry out our hands at all and, in fact, leaves our skin feeling quite soft. Plus, there's the snazzy look of the bottle itself. I may be a germ freak, but I still care about image, after all. -Stephanie

Quash is a brand new product in North America and not yet widely available in the US. But Goneshopping.ca carries it and they're offering $5 off their standard flat-rate shipping price with checkout code gsmom until October 9, 2010. (Okay, we know that's still steep for a bottle of hand sanitizer, but maybe you can find a cool lunchbox or drink bottle to make the shipping worth your while.)